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Olivessel - Blood pressure

Olivessel - Blood pressure

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500 ml.

Improve your circulatory function and regulate your blood pressure with our liquid nutritional supplements based on plant extracts! Our product contains a blend of olive leaves, red aubergine fruit and sweet potato tuber that all contribute to a healthier body.

Olive leaves promote a normal metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, regulate blood circulation and blood pressure and are a strong antioxidant. Red eggplant fruit has a supportive and restorative effect that contributes to the regularity of blood pressure. The sweet potato tuber helps to improve the metabolism of carbohydrates and triglycerides and cholesterol, and modulates / limits the absorption of nutrients.

Just shake well before use and take 40 ml (1 scoop) once or twice a day, diluted in water or fruit juice. Our liquid nutritional supplements are the perfect supplement to improve your circulatory function, regulate your blood pressure and support your overall health.

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