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Reinature - Serum (Acne Treatment)

Reinature - Serum (Acne Treatment)

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Acne can be annoying and difficult to treat, but our Reinature - Serum is a natural and effective solution that can help improve your skin. Our gel is based on Aloe Vera and Curcuma, which have moisturizing, exfoliating and soothing properties. It has been specially developed to treat impure skin, pimples and boils.

Our natural formula counteracts inflammation and reduces redness in the skin. Burdock, which is rich in inulin, provides a cleansing and draining effect that helps prevent bacterial infections and reduce local inflammation. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a stabilized water-soluble form of vitamin C) has antioxidant, brightening and illuminating properties and also stimulates the production of collagen, making it particularly suitable for treating acne-prone skin.

Our product is suitable for vegans and is made without substances of animal origin. To use it, clean the affected area and gently apply an even amount of gel to be absorbed for a few minutes. Repeat this two or three times a day. Remember to shake or turn the bottle carefully before use for optimal effect.

Get the beautiful, clean and clear skin you deserve with our Reinature - Serum, the natural and effective way to fight acne.

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