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Make-up mirror

Make-up mirror

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Our practical mat wipes are the perfect solution to combat excess oil on the face and counteract the shiny effect. With a pack of 50 sheets in an elegant mirrored container, our mat wipes are perfect for on-the-go and all-day use.

These wipes are not only practical, but also highly effective. They can be used on top of your make-up base to achieve a flawless look and avoid putting multiple layers of powder on top of the powder, which can create an occlusive effect. They are made with special absorbent paper that has a cleansing effect and absorbs excess oil without removing your makeup.

Our mat wipes are also perfect for single use and can be dabbed on the face multiple times for quick touch ups throughout the day and when used up the container becomes a useful business card holder. This makes our mat napkins not only practical and efficient, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With our mat napkins you can always achieve a look that is on point and perfect for every occasion. They are an essential addition to your makeup bag and an investment in your daily beauty regimen.

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